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Our mission is to expand knowledge of data feminism to promote equitable and gender-sensitive data systems for better, more inclusive decision making.

Who We Are

We are a community of individuals who are passionate about leveraging data for gender equality, and for those who are keen to learn more. Our aim is to work together to bridge the gap between data and intersectional feminism.


Whether you’re a data science and technology expert, a social justice advocate, or both, DFN is the perfect place to deepen your knowledge and expand your network.

What We Do

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We deepen the knowledge of data equity within our community

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Through our virtual lounges, book clubs, and events we address biased data systems and practices and explore inclusion strategies through an intersectional feminist lens.

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We amplify the voices of marginalized communities - especially those facing intersecting vulnerabilities

Our community creates a safe space for women, girls and other marginalized individuals to speak their truths and explore the obstacles they face.

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We work to promote a more inclusive and diverse data workforce

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In dismantling discriminatory barriers, we strive to close the data science diversity gap by encouraging minoritized people to join and remain in STEM industries.

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