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Ali Dunn

Ali is the Founder and Executive Director at Data Feminism Network where she leads the team in promoting equitable and gender-sensitive data practices.

Ali is also a Data Scientist on Spotify's Algorithmic Responsibility team where she works to assess the algorithmic impact of Spotify’s products on audio culture and provide insights on Trust & Safety topics.


Previously, Ali worked for the United Nations (UNSD & UNDP) where she performed statistical analysis to promote components of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Prior to joining the UN, she worked with the government of Papua New Guinea to establish interventions to reduce gender-based violence across the country. She has also conducted data-driven research and analysis to support girls’ education for organizations like One Girl Can and the GIFT Foundation. 


Ali has a BCom from McGill University and a Master of Business Analytics from the University of British Columbia.

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